Windsor Rehabilitation Health Care Center Resident, Williamson

Resident Spotlight: Dorothy “Wynn” Williamson

Dorothy “Wynn” Williamson used to drive an 18-wheeler in her former career, so she knows a thing or two about journeys.

The road to our senior living community required concentrated decision-making. She looked at several communities. “It was not a quick decision,” Wynn said. “It took some time and lots of prayers.”

What Drew Wynn to Windsor?

“It was clean and very pretty when we did a virtual tour,” she said. Wynn has lived in our community five months. “The admissions director and marketing representative were very pleasant to work with and explained everything. They made my daughter and me feel welcome.”

Wynn’s Diverse Career Included Driving an 18-Wheeler.

She started her career at Haggar in Dallas, Texas in accounting. “Then, I decided one day I would like to drive an 18-wheeler,” Wynn said. “So I went to the transportation department to inquire, and they told me they could not hire a woman driver.”

Wynn did not give up. She told them she knew she could do the job and wanted a chance. After many discussions, they finally gave her the opportunity. She eventually moved on to another company to drive for them for another six years. Her next career choice took her into management for hotels and apartments and then led to her eventual retirement.

Favorite Parts About Our Lifestyle.

Wynn said, “I feel very relaxed and at home now. Everyone is super sweet and takes very good care of me. I have a nice roommate as well. I love the people and the interaction. The food has been great so far. It’s also convenient to be able to get things from our little store within the community to snack on.”

Wynn participates in the on-site activities and enjoys the social events.

Family Matters.

Born and raised in Plainview, Texas where she lived until she married, Wynn has one son and a daughter. After she was married, she and her husband moved to Lubbock, Texas and then on to California for six years before returning to Texas and settling in the Dallas area. She said, “After my divorce, I moved into a senior living community in Irving, Texas until I decided I wanted to live closer to my daughter in Kaufman, so now I am here at Windsor, and I am very happy.”

Plants, Puzzles and Games.

Wynn enjoys a variety of hobbies. She loves to decorate and has always enjoyed planting flowers and growing plants. “Here at Windsor, I play bingo, socialize with my newfound friends, put together puzzles and play games as well. I also enjoy getting to go outside to our community courtyard when the weather is nice,” she said.

The Windsor resident would describe herself as fun, honest, loving and caring. Friends always thought she was a riot and clown – they never knew what she was going to say. “I was always a true friend,” Wynn said. “I’m proud of the life I’ve lived and have led it to the fullest. I owe everything to the good Lord above.”

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