Windsor Rehabilitation & Health Care Center Resident, Angela Lewis

Resident Spotlight: Angela Lewis

The best way to get a feel for our community is to ask our residents. Resident Angela Lewis has lived here 10 months and has already developed many friendships.

Some of Her Favorite Things.

“I love it here,” she said. “I love my nurses and the other staff. I like to play bingo and communicate with other people. I’ve made many friends. The food is good, and I like to shop in our little store.”

She said she participates in all the activities, which has helped her cultivate new friendships.

Family and Florida.

Angela was born and raised in Florida. She moved to Texas with her parents and lived with her aunt and uncle. After her aunt and uncle moved out of state, she continued living with her parents until they both passed.

“When my Mom passed, I became really down and got sick,” she said. “My sister lives in Terrell and could not take care of me any longer so she found Windsor. I needed someone 24/7 to take care of me.”

She has a sister and a niece who she talks to often. Angela’s two brothers still live in Florida, and she has fond memories of their life there. “When we lived in Florida,” she said, “Our backyard would flood a lot. We had a johnboat that I would pull the kids around in.”

Interests and Hobbies.

Angela’s favorite pastime is putting puzzles together. She also does a lot of word search games and loves to watch “Little House on the Prairie” every day. How would friends describe her? “They would say I am fun, loving and that I like to talk a lot,” she said.

Angela is proud of her accomplishments and has goals for her future. “I love life and I’m always looking forward to tomorrow,” she said. “I’m most proud of working with the therapy department here because I want to walk again someday.”

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